• Production

Heat exchangers

Custom made heat exchangers, manufactured with finned or plain tubes, suitable to cover a wide range of applications:


  • gas cooling in pneumatic conveying systems
  • air cooling in industrial refrigeration
  • air drying in textile machines
  • air heating & cooling in HVAC systems
  • air heating in paper hood systems
  • coolers for A.C and D.C motors
  • coolers for power transformers
  • diesel and gas engines water cooling
  • air preheaters for boiler plants
  • economizers for steam, oil and hot water generation
  • hydrocarbon condenser
  • industrial process water cooling
  • inter and after coolers
  • oil cooling in lubrication system
  • solvent recovery by condensation
  • steam condenser

The experience made over the years and the steady care for the investments in order to keep the highly versatile fleet of machines well advanced are accompanied by a demanding training program of the staff started over 25 years ago which now includes courses of drawing, metallurgy, welding and machine tools in order to obtain the most important international certifications and face the issues for total quality successfully.

The strong commitment to be a valuable partner to worldwide Customers is backed up by an intense activity of engineering, manufacturing and inspection in accordance with the most recognized International Standards.